I started in junior showmanship when I was 12 years old. I joined the 4-H Paws group, where I was introduced to Mia Murray and Lauren Schmitz. They told me about junior training classes that Brandi Grider taught. Brandi was a junior herself, and very competitive in it. She taught me so much to help me have a successful juniors career. I attended Eukanuba and Westminster twice, and competed well at both. I had the honor of being #5 Collie junior handler in 2004, #1 Weimaraner junior handler in 2006, #2 Weimaraner junior handler in 2007, and also #1 Chihuahua junior handler in 2006. My junior career ended early due to a car accident in November of 2007. This prevented me from attending my last year in juniors at Eukanuba and Westminster. I did get to show a couple more times in juniors right before aging out. I want to thank all of my mentors, and lifelong friends for helping me out so much, and my parents for taking me to all the dog shows and helping me accomplish many dreams!

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